Episode 171: Christian Brondum – How to Revolutionize the Way You Manage Employees

Christian Brondum - Scheduling & managing mobile teams

Overview Christian Brøndum is the CEO of Planday. He started his professional career in IBM at age 19 and held a number of international management positions over the next 10 years. On the side, he completed an MSc in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School. Next followed 5 years as Partner and management consultant…

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Episode 168: Jeffrey Shaw – How to Make Your Business Irresistible to Customers

Paul Maskill and Jeffrey Shaw - Business Branding & Marketing Expert

Overview Having a keen eye isnt just for what one sees, but also for what one senses. Having been one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the U.S. for more than three decades, Jeffrey Shaw, a.k.a. the Lingo Guy, uses this honed intuition to empathize to teach entrepreneurs how to attract their ideal customers…

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Episode 165: Kavit Haria – Turn Your Passion & Expertise into a Profitable Online Business

Paul Maskill interviews Kavit Haria - Turn Your Passion & Expertise into a profitable online business

Overview Kavit Haria started his first online business in 2005 selling music career education to musicians. Mistakes and failures taught him how to build a thriving online business using intricate and automated sales and marketing funnels, generating over a million dollars in sales per year. Since 2013, Kavit has offered a service called Automated Business System, helping people…

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Episode 162: Josh Haynam – Using Quizzes to Authentically Serve Your Customers

Paul Maskill and Josh Haynam on facebook marketing with quizzes

Overview Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Home Depot, and Forbes. He’s probably seen more quizzes than any other human on earth right now.. Josh and I had a great conversation about going back to basics when it comes…

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Episode 159: Amy Wan – Automating Your Business for 100% Freedom

Paul Maskill and Amy Wan on business automation podcast

Overview Amy Wan is Founder & CEO of Bootstrap Legal, which builds dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts. Previously, she was a Partner at a boutique securities law firm and General Counsel at a real estate crowdfunding platform. Amy is also the founder and co-organizer of Legal Hackers LA, which programs around the intersection of…

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Episode 156: Jay Conner – Leveraging Private Money to Grow Your Empire

Jay Conner real estate expert on private money.

Overview Jay Conner has been buying and selling houses for 14 years in a population of only 40,000 with profits averaging $64,000. Jay has rehabbed over 300 houses and been involved in over 52 Million Dollars in transactions. During the height of the financial crisis, Jay was turned away from traditional lending at the banks…but…

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Episode 153: Steve Acho – Using Technology to Be More Human When Hiring

Paul Maskill interviews Steve Acho on business leadership

Overview Steve Acho is a published author, CEO, evangelist of using technology to be MORE human in the hiring process. Steve and I sat down to chat all things related to recruiting, hiring and building the best team culture in your business. While many business owners play the numbers game when it comes to recruiting…

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Episode 150: Rebecca Gill – Real SEO Advice for Your Business

SEO Podcast with Rebecca Gill from Web Savvy Marketing

Overview Rebecca Gill has a well-rounded business background and over twenty years of experience in sales and online marketing. In addition to running the day to day activities of Web Savvy Marketing, Rebecca also provides full-service SEO consulting, one-on-one SEO coaching, publishes online SEO courses, hosts a weekly SEO podcast, and teaches onsite SEO Bootcamps.…

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Episode 147: Diego Corzo – Building Freedom Through Real Estate & House Hacking

Diego Corzo on House Hacking and Passive Income

Overview Diego Corzo is a 27 year old Entrepreneur from Austin, TX. He started working in Corporate America and soon discovered that he was destined for more. After realizing that way wasn’t for him, Diego pursued a career in Real Estate. Now, Diego is a realtor for Keller Williams along side an incredible team, and…

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Episode 144: Hossein Kasmai – The Ins and Outs of Franchising Any Business

Hossein Kasmai on how to franchise your business

Overview A world leader in the franchising business, Hossein Kasmai teaches others how to put this business-building strategy to work for them. Hossein has extensive experience in the field of franchising, founding many franchise concepts of his own including Guard-A-Kid, founded in 2005. The business quickly became the industry leader and a very successful franchise…

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