Episode 061: Diego Corzo – Building Freedom Through Real Estate & House Hacking

Diego Corzo on House Hacking and Passive Income

Overview Diego Corzo is a 27 year old Entrepreneur from Austin, TX. He started working in Corporate America and soon discovered that he was destined for more. After realizing that way wasn’t for him, Diego pursued a career in Real Estate. Now, Diego is a realtor for Keller Williams along side an incredible team, and…

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Episode 060: Hossein Kasmai – The Ins and Outs of Franchising Any Business

Hossein Kasmai on how to franchise your business

Overview A world leader in the franchising business, Hossein Kasmai teaches others how to put this business-building strategy to work for them. Hossein has extensive experience in the field of franchising, founding many franchise concepts of his own including Guard-A-Kid, founded in 2005. The business quickly became the industry leader and a very successful franchise…

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Episode 059: Jake Carlson – Helping Elite Achievers Become Leaders

Paul Maskill small business leader with Jake Carlson

Overview Jake Carlson is a business leader, an inspirational speaker, and a 9-5 dropout. After 11 years as a tax attorney, he chose different. Taking his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, the family spent a year living in 12 countries from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, redeye…

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Episode 058: Tom Rubens – The Biggest Problems That Bring Down a Business

Paul Maskill and Tom Rubens podcast on business

Overview Over the last 40 years, Tom has founded, bought, sold, and managed businesses in industries as diverse as a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage, investment groups, and minor league baseball and basketball franchises. Tom’s four decades in business have taught him a painful yet profitable lesson — to address the biggest problems…

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Episode 057: Adam Urbanski – The Millionaire Marketing Mentor for Entrepreneurs

Adam Urbanski millionaire marketing mentor podcast

Overview Known worldwide as The Millionaire Marketing Mentor®, Adam Urbanski is the go-to guy for coaches, consultants, and other successful service professionals who want to attract more clients, convert more high-value sales, build an authority brand, and grow a lifestyle business that makes a bigger impact while generating more income. His clients and students often…

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Episode 056: Ulli Appelbaum – Solving Your Business & Marketing Problems

Business & Marketing Podcast with Ulli Appelbaum

Overview Ulli Appelbaum has vast expertise in marketing and brand strategy. His international experience in coming up with fresh perspectives to position a brand, product or company as well as in innovation has helped companies, large and small, go from zero to success, without breaking the bank. Ulli’s unique way of approaching business problems and…

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Episode 055: Gavin Zuchlinski – Saving Time & Automating Your Calendar with Acuity

Acuity Scheduling Podcast to Grow Your Business

Overview Gavin Zuchlinski is the founder of Acuity Scheduling, the slickest way for businesses to automate and manage their appointments online, allowing clients to schedule themselves. Gavin is a self-professed tech geek and espresso maniac (a word he does not use lightly) who wholeheartedly believes that business should be fun. Acuity Scheduling supports over 50,000…

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Episode 054: Pam Wasley – Starting, Scaling & Selling Your Business

How to Sell Your Small Business

Overview Co-founder & CEO of Cerius Executives and Cerius Advisors, Pam Wasley is a serial entrepreneur with multiple decades of knowledge and experience. She has personally sold companies, led a management buyout, and advised hundreds of companies on strategies for growth and higher shareholder value. Pam has served on several private boards and is a…

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Episode 053: Tim Fulton – The Keys to Successfully Selling Your Business

Paul Maskill and Tim Fulton Podcast Small Business Matters

Overview Tim Fulton is a nationally recognized small business consultant and advocate. He has been involved in the field of Entrepreneurship for the past thirty years as a successful business owner, a small business counselor, and as an adjunct university professor. In 1994, he started Small Business Matters, an independent management consulting and training practice.…

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Episode 052: Court Creeden – Living a Blue Goat Life

Paul Maskill and Court Creeden on Blue Goat Life

Overview From years of experience as the founder of a financial firm, Court Creeden’s life was forever changed after seeing the truth of the lives people are really living. Now he uses his coaching skills, background in finance, and love of personal connection to help people design a life they actually want to be living. From the…

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