Episode 258: Scott Reib – How to Shatterproof Your Business

Episode 258: Scott Reib – How to Shatterproof Your Business


As the official Zig Ziglar Small Business Lawyer and a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, it’s no wonder that Scott Reib is known as “America’s Legal Coach.”
For the last two decades, Scott has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches “shatterproof” their businesses by implementing specific strategies for structure, growth, and protection.
Over the last three years, Scott has been sharing these strategies with business owners and coaches, and watching them grow and succeed!Even with 20+ years of legal experience,
Scott is a firm believer that legal advice doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. His passion lies in changing the way we view legal counsel: from “emergency” situations to “primary care provider” relationships.

What We Dig Into

  • How to help small business owner’s shatterproof their business.
  • The important systems that you need in place.
  • The four important advisers you must have to succeed.
  • Why it’s important to start looking at a business attorney as your primary care physician instead of an ER doctor.


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