Episode 120: Court Creeden – Living a Blue Goat Life

Episode 120: Court Creeden – Living a Blue Goat Life


From years of experience as the founder of a financial firm, Court Creeden’s life was forever changed after seeing the truth of the lives people are really living. Now he uses his coaching skills, background in finance, and love of personal connection to help people design a life they actually want to be living.

From the overwhelming response to his book Blue Goat, Creeden created a company, Blue Goat Life, to help engage and connect people that want to be a part of a global community of like-minded people.

Court has spoken to CEOs, parenting groups, high school students, college students, and professionals of all ages. Through his speaking and one on one coaching, Court helps each person uncover the core of who they truly are. Embracing each person’s unique gifts, talents, and passions and creating a strategy to thrive in the moments that make up their lives.

In my interview with Court, we learn about the financial struggle that so many new parents go through…the ones nobody tells you about in all of the parenting classes. In sitting down with his clients, Court realized that there was a much bigger need than just getting them on the path to financial freedom…the need to live the Blue Goat Life! Why is everyone trying to keep up with the Jones’s? Why is everyone just following the lead of someone else? Great question!


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