Episode 117: Milana Leshinsky – Creating Simplicity in Your Business

Episode 117: Milana Leshinsky – Creating Simplicity in Your Business


Inventor of telesummits and founder of Telesummit Academy, Milana Leshinsky is teaching everything you need to know about hosting profitable online summits and virtual conferences.

Milana originally came up with this idea in response to having two small kids and being unable to travel to industry conferences and events, so she decided to create her own.

Since then, thousands of telesummits have been hosted in hundreds of industries, bringing peers and experts together to learn from each other.  

A telesummit allows you to build your list, become a celebrated expert, get into the big leagues, and accelerate your business growth like no other marketing strategy out there.

As the “queen of simplicity”, Milana simplifies the entire process of organizing a telesummit so that anyone, even a complete newbie, can hold one successfully.

In my chat with Milana, we go through her journey to America and how she broke the norm of her family to become an entrepreneur. Not only did she make it to 6-figures pretty quickly but she made it to 7-figures! Unfortunately, when she hit 7-figures, it didn’t feel like it. So it was time to re-align and make sure her business lined up with her life. She now helps other business owners achieve simplicity in their business and life.


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