Episode 078: Julian Hayes II – Put Your Sleep & Nutrition on Auto-Pilot

Episode 078: Julian Hayes II – Put Your Sleep & Nutrition on Auto-Pilot


Julian Hayes II is an author, a nutrition & sleep science coach, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life.

After briefly pursuing the dream of becoming a doctor, Julian left after one year of school to pursue a bigger purpose, which was striving to make his difference & impact in the world through helping and inspiring busy entrepreneurs and business owners to treat their health as an investment, not an expense. And on an organizational level, Julian is a health & wellness consultant on a mission to create healthier companies and cultures.

In addition to those tasks, he has a weekly column at Inc. along with frequently contributing to Success, Entrepreneur, and many other publications with the goal of inspiring people to use fitness as their impetus for growth and expansion in all facets of their life.

In my chat with Julian, we first learn about his journey and persistence that is important for any business owner to achieve the goals that we set out. We then dig into the importance that sleep and nutrition play into our success in every day life and business. We’re all busy and it’s easy to put both of these items on the backburner…until it’s too late. Julian shares with us some great tips and hacks to put both sleep and nutrition on auto-pilot so that you can take care of both while crushing it in your business.


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