Episode 057: QuHarrison Terry – Serial Entrepreneur Since Ninth Grade

Episode 057: QuHarrison Terry – Serial Entrepreneur Since Ninth Grade


QuHarrison Terry is a serial entrepreneur and self starter. He is the co-founder and president of VNM, USA, the co-founder and CEO of 23VIVI, an online digital marketplace, and known for his marketing work at EatStreet.  He is a frequent writer on LinkedIn was named one of LinkedIn Top Voices in Technology.
He is currently the marketing director of Redox. With the adoption of electronic records, healthcare has been digitized. Redox was started to eradicate the technical barriers to data access and usher forth the future of technology-enable healthcare.
In my conversation with Qu, we go allll the way back to when he was in 9th grade (only about 8 years ago!). At the ripe old age of 21, Qu has done more and accomplished more in the business world than most people have in their lifetime. He started his first business in 9th grade, V-Neck Mafia, where he designed and sold v-neck shirts. Taking that experience, and everything he learned, he went on to start several additional businesses throughout college. Now, he simply works 18 hour days, splitting his time at Redox as well as still running VNM.


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