Episode 051: Cort Dial – Caring for Others is the Key to Massive Success

Episode 051: Cort Dial – Caring for Others is the Key to Massive Success


Cort Dial believes the only leader who needs to change is you. He has spent the last 30 years in a variety of environments ranging from corporate skyscrapers to South American jungles.

Cort has honed a unique approach to developing coaches and business leaders founded in the core conviction: Leaders reach the summit of leadership when they can create extraordinary business performance while caring for people.

Cort calls this new breed of 21st-century hero the All-In™ Leader.

In my conversation with Cort, we pull out all sorts of actionable advice from his 30 years of developing leaders. If you own your own business, the buck stops with you. True leaders take the blame when things go wrong and praise their team when things go right. It’s all about leading by example. Are you a leader or a manager?


Rapid Recommendations

  • Book(s): Inspirational Presence by Jeff Evans
  • Quote: “When you grow up and mature, you’re going to realize that most of things that are most important for business cannot be quantified.” — Dr. Deming
  • Tool: The ability to manage your interpretations of what’s going on in the world.
  • Podcast: The Business Leadership Series
  • Community: The Spirituality in the Workplace Group in Austin, TX
  • Parting Piece of Advice: “Find yourself a coach. Find someone who has experience helping others in your situation.”

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