Episode 008: Mary Lou Kayser – Using Your Story to Increase Your Market Visibility

Episode 008: Mary Lou Kayser – Using Your Story to Increase Your Market Visibility


Mary Lou Kayser, MAT is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, podcast host and consultant who helps professionals effectively navigate the evolving model of work so they feel excited, empowered and enthusiastic about themselves and what they do in an accelerated climate of new challenges, opportunities, and constant change. Her expertise in communications — especially writing and publishing for the 21st century — provides powerful strategies for people who want to expand their brand, step into new leadership roles and increase their market visibility with a legacy book. Mary Lou lives on the edge of Oregon wine country and loves anything that has to do with her favorite football team, the Oregon Ducks.

Mary Lou digs in on how to become a leader in an ever changing world while keeping your focus on the big picture. What is your end goal? Whether you’re just starting out or have been an owner or leader for years, the importance of taking care of yourself and enjoying the journey is pivotal. You never know when you might want to put together a legacy book!


Rapid Recommendations

  • Book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Quote: “Whatever comes, just don’t stop.”
  • Tool: Twitter
  • Podcast: The Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake
  • Community: The Local Tap House!
  • Parting Piece of Advice: “Take some time for yourself. Get a piece of paper or talk in your smartphone and just talk. Figure out where you’re at and if there are red flags, address them. Pain is telling us something very loud. Address it.”

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