23. A Motivating Interview with Andrea Waltz – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

23. A Motivating Interview with Andrea Waltz – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

Automate Your Franchise – Podcast Archives

In my previous life, I was the host of The Automate Your Franchise Podcast, a podcast focused on helping franchise owners systematize and automate their business so that it could thrive without them. After a few months of the show, I soon realized that I was helping more than just franchise owners which caused the creation of The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show.

With that being said, the content is still relevant and the interviews are still rocking! Check out all of our episodes via the link below to archive.org.



In today’s interview, we discuss the power of “No” with Andrea Waltz. After climbing the corporate ladder, Andrea started her own business 17 years ago and it’s still running today. Why? Because she implemented systems early on and focused on her strengths (and revenue generating tasks). Along with all other successful entrepreneurs, Andrea believes that “No” just means “not right now”.  By overcoming obstacles and staying motivated, you’ll be able to get to where you want to go. As Andrea says, “Yes is the destination but No is how you get there.”

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of re-purposing content
  • Leverage your own time
  • If you’re not quite sure what to sell or why it’s not selling, just ask your customers!
  • Think and act like a customer – what’s their problem?

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