15. A Not So Boring Interview with Jim Hart…He’s a Lawyer – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

15. A Not So Boring Interview with Jim Hart…He’s a Lawyer – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

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In my previous life, I was the host of The Automate Your Franchise Podcast, a podcast focused on helping franchise owners systematize and automate their business so that it could thrive without them. After a few months of the show, I soon realized that I was helping more than just franchise owners which caused the creation of The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show.

With that being said, the content is still relevant and the interviews are still rocking! Check out all of our episodes via the link below to archive.org.



Today’s interview is up there with the best of them! We interview Jim Hart from Hawthorn Law. After practicing law for the past 12 years, Jim has zeroed in on working with the people he enjoys the most: entrepreneurs. Jim shares with us a TON of advice from both sides of his business: 1) Great tips and hacks on how to run a better business and 2) The important legal stuff that you need to know to protect your business and its value. Not to mention, he provides great insight on how to create a great work-life balance between being an entrepreneur and being a family man.

What You’ll Learn

  • Building relationships with your customers
  • Implementing a subscription-based model
  • Segmenting your customers to give them the best, possible experience
  • Importance of email marketing
  • Treating each customer like they are you’re only one
  • Top 3 business building tips
  • Creating a great work/family balance
  • Don’t wait so long for legal help!

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