10. Working From Home & Staying On Task – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

10. Working From Home & Staying On Task – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

Automate Your Franchise – Podcast Archives

In my previous life, I was the host of The Automate Your Franchise Podcast, a podcast focused on helping franchise owners systematize and automate their business so that it could thrive without them. After a few months of the show, I soon realized that I was helping more than just franchise owners which caused the creation of The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show.

With that being said, the content is still relevant and the interviews are still rocking! Check out all of our episodes via the link below to archive.org.



The love / hate relationship of working from home. The freedom and flexibility is great but it sometimes can be a challenge to stay on task. In today’s episode we dive in to some systems and processes that you can put in place to increase your efficiency while working from home. From having a strong morning routine through shutting down at the end of the day, it’s all important!

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of a morning routine
  • The steps to include in your morning routine
  • When to do EVERYTHING
  • Give each task a day and time
  • Stop being a slave to your email inbox
  • Define the end of your day
  • Have fun!

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