01. The Importance of a Routine – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

01. The Importance of a Routine – Automate Your Franchise (Archives)

Automate Your Franchise – Podcast Archives

In my previous life, I was the host of The Automate Your Franchise Podcast, a podcast focused on helping franchise owners systematize and automate their business so that it could thrive without them. After a few months of the show, I soon realized that I was helping more than just franchise owners which caused the creation of The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show.

With that being said, the content is still relevant and the interviews are still rocking! Check out all of our episodes via the link below to archive.org.



Today we go over the importance of having routines in order for you to start automating your franchise. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual routine, putting everything on a schedule and having a time and place for every task to get accomplished is crucial to building and scaling your business.

What You’ll Learn

  • Morning routines – completing daily tasks first
  • Waking up early
  • Creating a daily schedule
  • Planning at least two weeks in advance
  • Visual calendars
  • Having a “quitting time”
  • Tools to keep your schedule on track

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