helping you systematize & scale your business

(without sacrificing what's important to you and your family)

It's time to build a business that is more profitable (...and that can run without you)

Recapture that passion & excitement you had when you started your business.

It's time to go on (and actually enjoy) regular vacations!

Stress & anxiety free when you're no longer connected to your business 24/7.

life's too short to be burned out

take back control of your business & life


No more 12-14 hour days working IN your business. You'll start working 6-8 hours per day ON your business.


When you start working less, you start making more...much more. Weird right?


A business that no longer needs YOU to survive, is actually worth something!

HEy! I'm Paul

I have one mission – to help small business owners systematize and scale their business to 7-figures.

Why 7-figures? I have realized that once any small business makes it to this magical mark, they have the financial resources to truly achieve ultimate freedom.

They are able to put the proper team in place so their business no longer needs them day-to-day.

They are able to start that second business they’ve always wanted.

They are confident in opening a second location.

And they can finally live the life of their dreams AND have an awesome life outside of business.

You’ll no longer be the bottleneck.

You’ll finally be financially prepared for the rainy days and unexpected events of running a small business.

And you’ll no longer have to say “I don’t mind doing emails and work on vacation…I’ll just wake up early or stay up late.”

If I was able to do it, so can you! Let’s make it happen!

i have built, scaled and sold several local businesses and now i'm here to be your guide.

Paul Maskill Small Business Coach in Raleigh

3 easy steps to work together

We'll dive deep into all areas of your business

Become CEO of Your Business & Life

Are you ready to build your business so it can thrive without you?

When you started your business, you probably didn’t have visions of being tied to your business 24/7. In fact, it was probably the exact opposite. We took the leap to be our own boss so we could live life on our terms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. We get stressed out, burned out, stuck and just not sure what the next move should be. We don’t know which way to go and feel that we’ve let our family down.

Hey! You took the risk to be a business owner, you and your family deserve better! I know how it is to be working 60-80 hours per week. I understand how it feels to not be able to take and actually enjoy a vacation. But I’m here with good news! It is 100% possible to take ANY business and remove its dependence on the owner (no matter how special you think it is).

After all, I don’t know anyone who started a business and said “I cant wait to work IN my business every day with no freedom.” It’s time to get your life back, work on your terms and build a business that can THRIVE without you. So you can get back into your hobbies, start giving back to your community while enjoying the journey with others doing the same thing.

If you’re ready to build a great business and an even better life then book your free call today.

what services do i offer?


If you're starting a new business, it would make sense to build the solid foundation first. We'll work together to craft a strong business plan and financial pro-forma in order to set you up for success.


95% of the businesses that I evaluate have a financial mess on their hands...they usually just don't know it. If you're working too hard and there's never any money in the bank, I can help.


For business owners who are ready to invest in their business long-term. Get day-to-day proactive financial advice. Leave the financials to me so you can focus on what you love.

Let's Get Started!


Kate Smith

John Wade

“I am so glad I found Paul to be able to assist me where I needed the most help, systems and processes! In my first 8 weeks of working with Paul, I have been able to free up 15-20 hours per week, allowing me to spend that time growing and working on my business. It has been an awesome journey that is still continuing. His ability to articulate and deliver the content made it easy for me to understand where I needed to make changes. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone that is looking to automate their business.”

Kristen Treffinger

Aaron Klosterman

“I am so happy that I contacted Paul and followed through with his program. It’s been about 3 months since Paul and I started working together and we have seen a significant increase in revenue (we are about to close out the best month in the history of our 67 year-old company). Our employees are happy and productive and our customers are raving fans. One of the biggest takeaways I have from working with Paul is that he helped me get the “fire” back and I’m really excited about running my business again.” 

Aleena, Soon-to-Be Entrepreneur

“I recently worked with Paul for a new project I am working on. Hiring him was the BEST investment we made so far. Paul has created a business plan, financial projection sheets, and has been coaching us throughout this entire new venture we are working on. He is so responsive, and is always answering our numerous questions we have and guiding and connecting us with different individuals. If you are looking for assistance for a new or existing business I would definitely have a conversation with him.

Thank you Paul for everything you are doing for us!”