Hi, I'm Paul Maskill

I help ambitious business owners automate their business...so they can leverage their business to build a life that they love.

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  • The fire & enthusiasm you had when you started your business is starting to fade.
  • Most days, you're not really sure what direction your business is headed.
  • You're connected to your business 24/7 and don't really trust the people you have in place.
  • You're scared to really grow your business because you just can't find good help.
  • You never get to focus on REAL growth ideas & strategies.
  • You know there is untapped potential in yourself and your business.
  • You're ready to have the ability to spend more time with family, friends and the ones that you love.

You're in luck! I help business owners (just like you) everyday get to where they want to go much quicker!

You Took the Risk to Be a Business Owner – It's Time to Reap the Rewards


No more 12-14 hour days working IN your business. You'll start working 6-8 hours per day ON your business.


When you start working less, you start making more...much more. Weird right?


A business that no longer needs YOU to survive, is actually worth something!


John Wade, Owner of Just Green Lawn & Landscaping

“I am so glad I found Paul to be able to assist me where I needed the most help, systems and processes! In my first 8 weeks of working with Paul, I have been able to free up 15-20 hours per week, allowing me to spend that time growing and working on my business. It has been an awesome journey that is still continuing. His ability to articulate and deliver the content made it easy for me to understand where I needed to make changes. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone that is looking to automate their business.”

Aaron Klosterman, Owner of Grand Pointe Auto

“I am so happy that I contacted Paul and followed through with his program. It’s been about 3 months since Paul and I started working together and we have seen a significant increase in revenue (we are about to close out the best month in the history of our 67 year-old company). Our employees are happy and productive and our customers are raving fans. One of the biggest takeaways I have from working with Paul is that he helped me get the “fire” back and I’m really excited about running my business again.” 


If you’re like most business owners, you started your business to finally achieve your ultimate freedom…no more boss, no more 9-5, more than two weeks of paid vacation every year while finally achieving your income goals that a 2% raise will never get you to.

You started your business because you have a passion for the service or product and you’re damn good at it. And then within a few short months, that passion started to fade and reality set in. All of the noisy “stuff” gets in the way…figuring out Quickbooks, putting out fires, trying to collect on past due invoices, answering the phone, managing employees, cleaning up their messes, organizing the office and the list goes on and on. None of it fun while you work more and make less than ever before.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way! If I was able to do it, so can you! Let’s make it happen!

Ready to put on your SuperHero cape and take your business to the next level? Let's go!

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