Episode 038: Julian Hayes II – Put Your Sleep & Nutrition on Auto-Pilot

Paul Maskill interviews Julian Hayes II

Overview Julian Hayes II is an author, a nutrition & sleep science coach, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. After briefly pursuing the dream of becoming a doctor, Julian left after one year of school to pursue a bigger purpose, which was striving to make his difference & impact in the…

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Episode 037: Nathan Hirsch – Redefining How Businesses Hire & Build Their Team

Paul Maskill interviews Nathan Hirsch

Overview Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He has been selling online for over 7 years and has sold well over $25 million worth of product through his eCommerce business. He is now the co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com, the hands-on hiring marketplace connecting hundreds of online business…

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Episode 036: Tommy Breedlove – Helping Entrepreneurs Focus Beyond the Bottom Line

Paul Maskill interviews Tommy Breedlove

Overview Tommy Breedlove is the founder of Choose Goodness, a company dedicated to helping executives and entrepreneurs focus beyond the financial bottom line. By empowering leaders, Tommy bridges the gap between humanity and profitably. He transforms organizations to attract and retain the best and brightest people, create a loyal customer base and promote goodwill within…

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Episode 035: Scott Alan Turner – From Money Moron to Self-Made Millionaire

Paul Maskill interviews Scott Alan Turner

Overview Scott Alan Turner went from being a ‘money moron’ at age 22 to a self-made millionaire 13 years later. He is an early retiree and has been debt free since 2009. Scott now spends his time helping others become financial rock stars through his best-selling book, talk radio show, and podcast. He has been…

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Episode 034: Peter Lisoskie – Deploying Chatbots For Your Business

Paul Maskill interviews Peter Lisoskie

Overview Peter Lisoskie is a founding partner of *third way technologies and chatbot nation. Lisoskie helps companies to deploy chatbots for leads, sales, ecommerce, and customer service. Lisoskie runs a business incubator, hangs out with neuroscientists and has written a line of code or two if it brings a product to life. In my chat…

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Episode 033: Derric Haynie – Building Contagious Brands & Raving Fans

Paul Maskill interviews Derric Haynie

Overview Derric Haynie is CEO of Vulpine Interactive a social media marketing agency that helps build contagious brands and passionate fans. Hes regularly seen speaking and blogging about growth and digital marketing in San Diego, San Francisco, and across the universe. In my interview with Derric, we chat about the importance of building a culture…

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Episode 032: Dr. Sharon Spano – The Secret to a Meaningful Prosperous Life

Paul Maskill interviews Sharon Spano

Overview Sharon Spano has a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She is an author, corporate business strategist, work force expert, professional speaker and former radio host of WorkSmart Live. Sharon empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to maximize performance, improve employee engagement, and increase bottom-line results. She is also a Certified Professional Integral Coach dedicated…

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Episode 031: QuHarrison Terry – Serial Entrepreneur Since Ninth Grade

Paul Maskill interview QuHarrison Terry

Overview QuHarrison Terry is a serial entrepreneur and self starter. He is the co-founder and president of VNM, USA, the co-founder and CEO of 23VIVI, an online digital marketplace, and known for his marketing work at EatStreet.  He is a frequent writer on LinkedIn was named one of LinkedIn Top Voices in Technology. He is currently the…

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Episode 030: Patrick Galvin – Create Connections to Increase Referrals & Sales

Paul Maskill interviews Patrick Galvin

Overview Patrick Galvin is the chief galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group, a brand strategy consulting and marketing communications company in Portland, Oregon founded in 2002. Patrick helps companies create connections that increase loyalty, referrals, and sales. As the firms chief galvanizer, he has galvanized the growth of hundreds of businesses, from sole proprietorships to publicly…

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Episode 029: Cort Dial – Caring for Others is the Key to Massive Success

Paul Maskill interviews Cort Dial

Overview Cort Dial believes the only leader who needs to change is you. He has spent the last 30 years in a variety of environments ranging from corporate skyscrapers to South American jungles. Cort has honed a unique approach to developing coaches and business leaders founded in the core conviction: Leaders reach the summit of…

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